Airport Thinking



My thoughts throughout the day.
Everyone seems to become an introvert in an airport, except for the intensely extroverted. They get confused! And everyone wants to react to their boisterousness as if they were all librarians shushing the loud kid in the library. (By the way, has anyone ever been kicked out of a library for having an elevated tone? ). But we all just listen to every detail of why they’re on this flight, and we clench our fists, wondering “when will it end!”.
But then it doesn’t.

Beards used to be out of fashion, but now razors are out of fashion and down on sales.

Hipsters inspire me in terms of who not to be like. But I love portlandia.
I also like typing with typewriters, not shaving and drinking craft beers…

I wish more footwear was named after the sound it made- like flip flops. Then we could have stomp stomps and click clacks! Ooh, and swish swops! And we could call rain boots splash splashes!

I like the new coke bottles. I just found my whole family in an airport vending machine! Or, wait! They say I am I supposed to share this little coke with my whole family? Not happening.

The flight attendant on board a flight from Denver to Colorado Springs (the shortest flight I’ve ever been on-20 minutes!) told me she took her son to japan at almost no cost (as far as the flight) as a birthday gift. Of course I came to the logical conclusion: my parents just do not love me.
Just kidding! My parents are amazing. But I still have never been to Japan, mom. :/

If “moderation in all things” is a balanced approach, then is immoderate behavior, moderately of course, acceptable?

If I told you I were a liar, would you believe me? Would I be telling the truth?
I know, that’s a stupid question.

I often wonder when clothing with USB ports, and solar panels will appear. Or, has it already?
Hmmm things to research.

When I get bored at a bar or in a hotel lobby, I don’t doodle on napkins, I start playing sudoku from scratch.
That’s the level of boredom I reach at a bar. I think I’m doing it wrong…